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Servier and ImmunoQure AG enter into strategic partnership for the development of an Interferon-α human autoantibody

ImmunoQure, a biotech company focused on the research and development of human autoantibodies as therapeutics for the treatment of common human diseases and the international pharmaceutical company Servier today announced the establishment of a Worldwide, exclusive partnership for the development of a therapeutic autoantibody neutralizing interferon- α.

ImmunoQure AG announces publication in leading scientific journal of findings that enable companion diagnostic development for Interferon program

ImmunoQure AG, a German biotechnology company focused on the development of autoantibodies as therapeutics to treat common human diseases today announced the publication of data in the leading scientific journal The Journal of Experimental Medicine. In a Worlds-first, the authors have developed a system by which interferon-α (IFNα) levels can be measured in serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid.