ImmunoQure enables the establishment of Sardinian patient support group

Düsseldorf, Germany September 29, 2017.

ImmunoQure AG, a German biotechnology company focused on the development of autoantibodies as therapeutics to treat common human diseases today welcomed the establishment of a non-profit charity for APS-1/APECED patients who live in Sardinia.

APS-1/APECED is a monogenetic disorder whereby null or hypomorphic mutations in the AIRE gene greatly impair central T cell tolerance. Consequently, APS-1 patients are unable to optimally delete self-reactive T cells, leading to an accumulation of T cells and B cells that target a wide range of self-proteins. Consequently, APS-1/APECED patients suffer from a multitude of clinical conditions including but not limited to chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, polyendocrinopathy and Addisons disease.