Servier and ImmunoQure AG enter into strategic partnership for the development of an Interferon-α human autoantibody

Düsseldorf, Germany & Paris, France, February 6, 2018.

ImmunoQure, a biotech company focused on the research and development of human autoantibodies as therapeutics for the treatment of common human diseases and the international pharmaceutical company Servier today announced the establishment of a Worldwide, exclusive partnership for the development of a therapeutic autoantibody neutralizing interferon- α.

ImmunoQure works in collaboration with leading academic centres and the APECED Ry patient support group to gain a greater understanding of an ultra-rare disease termed APECED/APS-1. APS-1 is a monogenetic disorder whereby null or hypomorphic mutations in the AIRE gene greatly impair central T cell tolerance. Consequently, APS-1 patients are unable to optimally delete self-reactive T cells, leading to an accumulation of T cells and B cells that target a wide range of self-proteins. Recently, ImmunoQure published a seminal paper in Cell describing the autoantibody repertoire of APS-1 patients, including the presence of ultra-high affinity, biologically neutralizing, pan Interferon- α specific autoantibodies.